Festival Year Best Arthouse Film

Dear Tree, Please Don_t Spill on Our Grave-POSTER32
Year 2021

Dear tree, please don't spill on our grave

by Jonne Covers

Award winner

Precious Balance Walk-POSTER22
Year 2021

Precious Balance Walk

by Felicia Konrad & Johan Haugen
The Sauna-345
Year 2021

The Sauna

by Olle Christiansen Meijer
12 Kalpas - a Beginning of Beginning-003
Year 2021

12 Kalpas: a Beginning of Beginning

by Parinda Mai
Da-Dzma (A Sister and a Brother)-POSTER-33
Year 2020

A Sister and a Brother

by Jaro Minne
Fish Takes Off-POSTER-26
Year 2020

fish takes off

by Deniz Cooper
Year 2020


by Martin Gerigk
Year 2020


by Gustav Samuelson
Sea without Shore-POSTER-01
Year 2020

Sea without Shore

by Andre Semenza & Fernanda Lippi
The Green Valley-POSTER-23
Year 2020

The Green Valley

by Ellen Ugelstad

Award winner

Trauma Industries-Poster-NEW-54
Year 2019

Trauma Industries

by Jethro Massey
Year 2019


by Tom Bessoir
The Real Film Is Elsewhere-Poster-NEW-49
Year 2019

The Real Film Is Elsewhere

by Mark John Ostrowski
Light plays-Poster-NEW-03
Year 2019

Light Plays

by Anne-Marie Bouchard
Year 2017


by Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh

Award winner

The Archetypes-10
Year 2017

The Archetypes

by William J. Stribling