The Principle of Intimacy

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Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 14 min

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish


Magnus Sternegård, Andreas Eklöf, Maria Larsson, Daniel Broman

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On an island in the archipelago, a group of people are forced to challenge themselves in intimacy. Under the guidance of a charismatic course teacher, they are challenged to complete a number of exercises. The goal is to train the ability to approach other people and open up to intimacy and closeness. The participants are initially skeptical of the format, but are drawn more and more into absurd exercises with a limitless approach to each other. An unhealthy group dynamic arises and one participant becomes increasingly skeptical. However, he is convinced to stay and is exposed to a kind of loving abuse that has an unexpected outcome. About the film: Why is it so difficult to get close to another person and what is required for intimacy to occur? We are interested in investigating the interaction, and the lack of interaction, in group dynamic processes. Can closeness be forced through constructed methods and exercises? With absurd humor and terrifying seriousness, we hope to provoke both laughter and discomfort in the audience.