The Game

Award Winner

Nominated on:Best Feature Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2021

Film Duration: 92 min


Ana Lazarevic

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Stranhinja, a smuggler in the Balkan’s modern “migration industry”, longs for a flashy lifestyle. These aspirations and his emotional unavailability have estranged him from his wife, Tijana, and their son, Luka (7), the very people he hopes to impress. When a routine trip is interrupted by police, Strahinja becomes stranded with refugee teens, Yousef (17) his younger brothers and a traveling companion. The boys are refugees but above all else, they are teenagers who long to have experiences that are something close to normal. The more time Strahinja spends with them, the more he struggles with seeing this as just a job. Their open-hearted approach to life makes him aware of the walls he has built around his own.