Nominated on:Best Drama Feature

Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 49 min

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English


Nick Parker

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Charlie loves his life as a single guy with no-one to answer to. He certainly wasn’t planning on meeting Layla. And definitely not falling for her. As it turns out she came along at just the right time, and for a while things were perfect, that was until Charlie’s uncontrollable anger kept leading him into situations he has no control over. Eventually it leads to him being locked away for 10 years for a senseless double murder. Layla stands by him and helps his rehabilitation by pooling their resources and buying a small farm house with a little piece of land for them to start their new life together when he’s released. Once he comes out of jail he takes to life like a man reborn, appreciating every day. However, the time away has taken its toll on Layla and now she’s hiding a dark secret from Charlie that she dare not reveal for fear it will undo everything Charlie has worked towards.