Southern Edge of the Cloud

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Film Year: 2016

Film Duration: 40 min

Country: France


Alon Chan

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Xinxin and Musu are Naxi (Nashi) ethnic group s young people in Yunnan. These two young siblings were raised by their grand-mother in a rural village of Lijiang where people still practise Dongba language (a series of ancient dialects and the ancient pictographic writing) and Dongba culture. When their grand-mother passed away, Xinxin and Musu wanted to follow the heart of their most beloved one, their grand-mother, so they decided to start an endless journey to look for the Southern Edge of the Cloud; a place their grand-mother dearly loved although they do not really know where it is exactly. According to what their grand-mother described, Southern Edge of the Cloud; is like a paradise, where she left her soul and a lot of happy memories of her life. In the midst of their journey, they met by accident a young French guy Loic (addicted to smartphone) who came to Yunnan to celebrate his birthday with his friends but unfortunately abandoned by them in the middle of nowhere in Yunnan. When this Outlander jumped into Xinxin and Musu s White Cloud Van, everything started to be changed… and Loic could never imagine he was just starting a mysterious journey… The cult of the nature is one of the basic principles of the Dongba religion. Xinxin admires the beauty of nature around her and she never uses mobile phone nor electronic products. However she always brings along with her an audio tape recorder, a gift from her grandma. She wants to record the sounds of joy and brings them to the Southern Edge of the Cloud for her grandma. Loic, smartphone-indulged, felt the very first time the beauty of pureness and simplicity of life. When he started to adapt to this NEW beautiful world, suddenly, Musu disappeared and left him and Xinxin alone to continue this endless journey. Little by little, Xinxin and Loic had some special feelings on each other, although none of them dared to confess. Only until a Naxi Granny gave him a little memo written in Dongba language, it became the secret link between this young couple.