Smith & Wesson

Nominated on:Best Screenplay

Film Info

Film Year: 2016

Film Duration: 95 Pages min

Country: United States

Language: English

Film Category

“SMITH & WESSON” is the story of a separated couple, Jackie Smith and Russ Wesson, trapped in a world where their three- year- old son, John disappeared three years ago. Wesson was a cop thrown off the force and Smith was the District Attorney that put away Syndicate Leader, Sanchez. Sanchez breaks out of prison by blowing it up with an Apache Helicopter. Sanchez is taking revenge on Smith and puts a contract out on her. Smith and Wesson are two competitive Bounty Hunters. There’s Agent Harrison a friend of Smith’s who secretly in love with her. He witnesses Sanchez break out of prison who vows revenge on all his former associates. Sanchez is busy inventing a weapon of war. He tells his people to send out packages of C4 which takes out everyone who put him in prison. After finding a sleuth of dead bodies and a harrowing car chase, Smith and Wesson find out where their son was taken. Soon after, they find the location of their son John, and reunite with him. Sanchez goes on a murderous rampage killing people left and right. Meanwhile Smith’s bounty, Clayton gets killed and leaves a clue to a hot dance club called LAP DANCE ADULT CLUB. They find out the Russian’s are after Sanchez’s weapon and are using Tanya, a secret Russian blackhat spy to steal the schematics of the weapon. Smith, Wesson and Agent Harrison use Tanya to break into the CEO office to download the codex to the encrypted files. Sanchez is ready for them, and sets the place to blow up with C4 all over, but our heroes escape with the information. Sanchez is about to perfect his weapon and sell it to the highest terrorist bidder who is flying to his private compound to pick up the weapon. After Smith’s house is blown up they leave John with Jay for a few days for protection. Jay, Agent Harrison and Smith are friends. Jay even saves Smith from a near skydiving accident. Sanchez blows up the Russian’s nightclub killing the top agents, but Tanya survives. When she goes to pick up John, she realizes that he’s part of Sanchez’s group that was under surveillance. Jay and Tanya have a knife fight, but Tanya ends up dying. But Jay, abducts John and calls Smith. They are given directions to the compound. Sanchez sells his C4 bullet packing rifle for one billion dollars to Iranian Terrorist, but as the plane takes off, Sanchez blows it up, keeping the transferred billion. Before it’s all over, Smith and Wesson must take down Sanchez’s operation which is transferring C4 bullets by trucks. With choppers and a James Bond type of SUV, Smith and Wesson take out Sanchez’s people and rescue John. In the end, they end up on a cargo plane that’s about to crash into a mountainside. Sanchez is holding all of the cards. Smith and Wesson must kill him to survive.