Remember Me

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 14 min

Language: Swedish


Aila Stefansdotter-Franck, Linnéa Duran, Elin Örneholm

Film Category

Isabelle is suffering from a severe eating disorder and has a history of anorexia. One morning she sneaks out for her usual compulsory training and runs further and further into the forest. The destructive thoughts consume her and she trains harder and harder until there is nothing left. When she lies down, all the emotions come. Sadness, grief, anger. She moves through the mossy area, processing everything through dance. Moments later she finds a lake and under the surface she is hit by memories. Nice memories, from her childhood, but also horrible ones, from the days when she was the most sick. She realizes how she is treating herself and resurfaces to make a change.