Mad Full Of Dreams

Nominated on:Best Foreign Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2016

Film Duration: 88 min

Country: United States

Language: English


Kevin Baggott

Film Category

‘Mad Full of Dreams’, tells the story of Bobby Tierney, a private security contractor. Bobby works at a place called, Big Al’s Security. Big Al, an Orthodox Jew, keeps his agents on a tight leash – a need to know basis. Big Al’s clientele are a fishy bunch to say the least. Bobby is given the assignment of escorting an elderly Korean man, Mr. Kim, to Vienna – something to do with the anniversary of his deceased wife. All Bobby has to do is hand Mr. Kim off to a Viennese agent named, Franz and then spend the next three days stuffing himself with sausages and apple strudel before catching a plane back home. As they say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. Franz is found dead with six 22’s in his temple. No one is sure if this is connected to Mr. Kim or not. Bobby transports Mr. Kim to a safe house. During the middle of the night Mr. Kim goes missing – along with Bobby’s gun. It is at this point that Big Al informs Bobby that Mr. Kim’s son heads the Korean mob back in New York. And that the son has a soft spot for his father and wants him returned ASAP or else. Back at the office, the secretary Myrtle, dispenses Bobby with one inscrutable set of clues after another looking for Mr. Kim. Bobby’s quest for Mr. Kim leads him through Vienna, Italy, France, Spain and Ireland in a humorous and maddening journey.