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Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 96 min

Country: China


Oliver Yan

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Mr. Zhou, in order to purchase the VIP membership of a nursing home, wants to seize the opportunity of the relocation of his house by arranging a fake marriage with Mrs. Dong to acquire more money out of the compensation. But Mrs. Dong, fearing karma, has her doubts all along. Zhou Ping, Mr. Zhou’s son, on the other hand, sees the relocation as an opportunity to buy a school estate for his daughter.Yun, Mrs. Dong’s nanny who’s from Sichuan Province, is suddenly informed that her brother has been hit by a car in her hometown, and, therefore, in urgent need of 100,000 RMB to pay for the operation. When she comes to know of Mr. Zhou’s plan of the “fake marriage”, she offers to help him out but asks for 100,000 RMB in advance. Having learned about her father-in-law’s intention of marrying Mrs. Dong, Huang Lili, Zhou Ping’s wife, has stolen his household register. As a result, Mr. Zhou, when he is about to give the bankbook with a deposit of 100,000 to Yun, finds that his household register is gone in which the bankbook is tucked. In the meantime, Mrs. Dong is suffering from a fall after an eye operation and her daughter finds out that Yun has been seeing doctors using her mother’s Medicare card. Unable to get in touch with her, Yun’s husband who has been in the countryside has also arrived in Shanghai…