Growing up FAT and Albanian

Film Info

Film Year: 2016

Film Duration: 31 min

Country: United States

Language: English


Elza Zagreda, Dhimiter Ismailaj- Valona

Film Category

A whirlwind Albanian American love story set in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and present day. Watch Ella, as she grows up FAT and Albanian in America. Follow her zany life of arranged marriages, flying bullets at weddings, and learning the art of becoming a good ‘Nuse,’ a good Bride. Watch the bidding war that ensues when Ella refuses to marry the toothless sheepherder from the old country. Instead Ella is a headstrong American girl who defies everything–her strict Albanian culture, her traditional parents, and the FEARED family matriarch, Aunt Shirley. Ella risks it all for True Love. Will she get burned in the process? Your heart or Your Family. You Choose. But choose wisely. A story that messy, complicated, violent…a story about FAMILY.