Golden Vessel – BIGBRIGHT (ft. Ellkle, E^ST & Duckwrth)

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 4 min

Country: Australia

Language: English


Harry Deadman

Film Category

With striking locations and bold popping style, this music video is a psychedelic, live action animation. Mirroring how the track itself was made, the artists recorded their parts separately, while the creative team were based in different locations and the animator in Paris. “I loved how it felt like a group of friends all jamming together – even though they all hadn’t actually met each other yet,” explains director Harry Deadman. “The first time they all met was the day we shot the final scene, where they all end up in the abstract living room. It was really cool to capture them dancing to the track they all created for the first time.” Triple J